Beware the future. It’s closer than we think. just put out a link on LinkedIn to a delightful little story on YouTube.

The narrative is voiced by and the story is generated by ChatGPT.

As I wrote this post posted a second, longer story, also voiced by AI and written by AI.

No, it’s not Shakespeare, and my adult ear could tell it was an artificial voice. The kids that heard it could not.

But that’s not the point.

The point is, imagine where this will be in 3-5-10 years’ time…

Imagine a time in the not at all distant future when the AI bot writes the story, illustrates the story, translates the story and voices the story into dozens of languages, publishes the story as ebook, audiobook and POD, promotes the story on social media and then writes the sequel, all in the time it took you to read this paragraph.

AI isn’t a threat to the publishing industry. It’s a threat to the morbid complacency that sadly pervades the industry.

It’s also an opportunity like no other in the history of publishing. Climb on board and enjoy the ride. Or be left behind.

Beware the future. It’s closer than we think.

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