“Small and medium-sized bookstores are developing their virtual presence” – Vitor Tavares, Brazilian Book Chamber.

The Brazilian Book Chamber has partnered with distributors Catavento, Inovação, Loyola and Disal to help small bookstores get a share of the online book-buying boom that has been fuelled by the Pandemic.

The pilot, reports Brazil’s trade journal PublishNews, involves Mercado Livre, already working with big bookstores like Martins Fontes Paulista and Leia, and the plan is to expand the partnership with smaller bookstores having access to more online platforms.

Vitor Tavares, president of the Brazilian Book Chamber, identified the problem and the solution thus:

Small and medium-sized bookstores are developing their virtual presence, but few still have the structure to meet large demands. The project was born with the idea of meeting this market need and, of course, it is another action that promotes the growth of the sector and also of access to books in Brazil.

Bookstores link to Conexão Livraria as “associate stores” and receive a commission for sales made.

The project kicks off with 15 participating bookstores, including Favorita, Intellect, Blooks, Vanguarda, Nobel Brooklin, Isasul and Casa Vamos Ler , with the distributor Catavento. The distributors Inovação, Loyola and Disal are finalizing their integration with the system.

Via PublishNews.

PublishNews also reports that overall the Brazilian book market so far this year continues to outperform 2020’s numbers, but of course comparisons with Pandemic Y1 statistics only show us the rebound, not the real health of the ecosystem.