The Dutch book market grew 2.1% in revenue terms last year, reports the Dutch trade journal Boekblad, coming in at to 563.4 million euros ($625 million). This in a country of 17 million people.

Despite the revenue boost, 3.6% fewer books were sold: A total of 39.7 million unit sales, a drop of 1.5 million on 2018.

The OP is behind a paywall, but if and when further details emerge I’ll update this post.

At this point it’s not clear if we have a breakdown of print and digital for the Dutch market, but it is generally accepted this is one of the few markets in which Amazon does not dominate, having arrived late to the party.

Currently Amazon only has a Kindle and Prime Video option in the Netherlands, but that is likely to change later this year, with Amazon expected to launch a full Amazon NL store in the near future.

That may bring more eyeballs to the Kindle store, but it is unlikely the market leader Bol, powered by Kobo, will lose any sleep at this late stage.

The Kindle Netherlands store launched in November 2014 and is the most recent Kindle store to be opened.