The Big Bad Wolf events in Myanmar and Cambodia are both set to finish today. We know that 50,000 attended the Phnom Penh event in Cambodia in the first four days, but otherwise there’s been little in the way of updates. Hopefully we’ll hear from Big Bad Wolf about both events once everything is packed away and tidied up.

Meanwhile the third Big Bad Wolf event of 2020 has been announced: This time it’s back to the Philippines for what will almost certainly be the first of several trips to the country.

As usual the debut event of the year is in Manila’s Pasay City, and this time 2 million mostly English-language books will be up for grabs in a 24/7 11-day mega-sale running February 14-28.

Both Yangon and Phnom Penh were 1 million book events, so Manila takes the 2020 total to 4 million books shipped, and we can expect that number to soar as the year gets under way.

Big Bad Wolf has committed to delivering one billion books to the emerging markets over the next five years.