For those who don’t get the chance to open all the regular email notifications from TNPS, a summary of the key stories covered in the past seven days.

Our week began with news of the unexpected revelation of Big Bad Wolf revenues in Myanmar in 2019 as the Big Bad Wolf Yangon 2020 event kicked off.

From Myanmar to Norway, where the Norwegian Writers Association is concerned authors are missing out on subscription opportunities.

Turkey enjoyed a good year, with 3.16% growth.

Next came the week’ biggest story – OverDrive’s annual results, and once again ebooks outpaced audiobooks as both formats broke records.

OverDrive wasn’t the only one breaking records. Storytel kept up the tradition of announcing phenomenal growth.

Next we took a break from record-breaking announcements in the subscription streaming sector to take a look at the debut Hay Festival Abu Dhabi.

And from the UAE to the UK, where the artist formerly known as Data Guy offered us the news that Amazon’s ebook imprints dominated the UK ebook charts.

But this being the first week of the year we were soon back with the record-breaking announcements in the digital book streaming arena.

First, Storytel Turkey saw incredible growth in its consumption levels.

And back in Sweden Storytel’s rival Bookbeat was reporting 114% growth in revenue and a quarter million subscribers.

After the doom and gloom and feeling of impending disaster that marked the start of the last decade, it’s great to start the new decade on such a positive note, and I see no reason to think this trend won’t continue through the year and into 2021 and beyond.