For those who don’t get the chance to open all the regular email notifications from TNPS, a summary of the key stories covered in the past seven days.

Our week began with news that the UAE’s Sheik Zayed Award team was in Moscow, developing Russo-Arabic relations in the publishing sector.

From Russia and the UAE to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, where a Bangladeshi author wins a key Sri Lankan literary award.

India’s comic cons collectively draw a crowd of some 200,000. The Delhi Comic Con is one of the biggest in the series of events that make up Comic Con India.

Bodour Al Qasimi’s PublisHer movement issued its second quarterly newsletter this past week. We take a look at some of the highlights.

In Saudi Arabia the second biggest book fair in the country is underway.

For our Start The Day Global feature we, unusually, focuses on just one country: the UK, where three British authors from a bygone era make the collation

In Germany VAT on digital books fell to 7%. The UK is the only major publishing market in the that has not promised to reduce the VAT rate on digital books.

Netflix issued some global figures, that were at once instructive, because we knew more than before, but unhelpful in that we still don’t know much.

The Italian aggregator StreetLib launched a new B2B POD service in Italy. Full disclosure: StreetLib is the publisher behind TNPS.

1 million people prepare to descend on the Hyderabad Book fair in India as western publishing shuts down for the “Holidays”. A reminder that the global book market is a 24/7 365 day a year affair.

And finally last week, Big Bad Wolf confirmed a TNPS story that it will be debuting in Cambodia in January.