Big Bad Wolf Balikpapan has barely finished in Indonesia and already the Big Bad Wolf team are preparing another book sale in Indonesia, this time in Makassar, which will be the seventh Big Bad Wolf Indonesia event this year.

The largest, in Jakarta, saw 5.5 million books stacked high for the traditional eleven day 24/7 book fair. The other events are on a smaller scale but show us the unequivocal demand for quality affordable books in this country of 270 million people.

Later this month Big Bad Wolf makes its second trip this year to Taiwan. Having already take 3 million books to Taipei earlier this year, Big Bad Wolf is next heading to Taichung.

Big Bad Wolf will round off this month with a return trip to the Philippines, this time to Davao.

This will be Big Bad Wolf’s fourth trip to the Philippines this year. The biggest event was Big Bad Wolf Manila, where 2 million books were up for grabs.

By end November Big Bad Wolf will have managed 28 events across 10 countries – Indonesia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE and home country Malaysia.

And with a full month still to go, there’s still plenty of room for surprises.

That said, one event won’t be a surprise. That’s the big Kuala Lumpur event, that rounds off the Big Bad Wolf calendar each year. More details on that, and any other news from Big Bad Wolf, as the story develops.