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StreetLib & TNPS launch free bi-weekly B2B newsletter for self-published authors

Committed to supporting all publishers, from individual self-publishers to the biggest corporate publishers, Italy-based digital books distributor and publishing facilitator StreetLib continues to expand its range of Value Added Services.

Subscriptions open today for StreetLib’s third bi-weekly B2B newsletter, this time with professional self-published authors as the audience.

Titled Publish Global — serious about self-publishing, the latest newsletter, a joint production between StreetLib and its trade journal The New Publishing Standard (TNPS) which lines up alongside sister newsletters Publish Africa and Publish MENAwill start landing in subscriber inboxes on Friday 25 October.

StreetLib CEO Giacomo D’Angelo explained,

“Self-publishing authors have been at the heart of our operation since 2006, a year before Amazon launched the first Kindle store, and while we work with publishers large and small around the world we have always embraced and encouraged the self-publishing community.

Self-publishing provides an entry point for authors starting out on their careers, and a chance for established authors to re-publish rights-reverted material and, when so desired, to go it alone and publish on their own terms, at their own speed, and to experiment with publishing models in ways that simply wouldn’t be possible with a standard publishing contract.

Our new newsletter B2B Publish Global targets professional self-publishers and hybrid authors looking to maximise their global reach and potential. B2B because these authors are for all practical purposes operating small presses, even though they may be the only author.

The newsletter will be compiled by our TNPS Editor-In-Chief Mark Williams, himself an accomplished hybrid author, who has topped the charts in the UK, France and China.”

For TNPS, Mark Williams added,

On the self-publishing circuit Amazon is often the only topic of conversation, but while Amazon is unquestionable the powerhouse of western self-publishing, its reach is limited globally, and even in the markets where Amazon dominates there is still ample room for authors to do well by ‘going wide’.

Professional indie authors who are serious about self-publishing constantly query TNPS about how they might reach the global markets beyond the usual suspects, and also look out for other publishing news covered by TNPS and ask how this impacts on their position as indie authors.

Publish Global will shine the spotlight on news, topics and opportunities that are particularly relevant to indie authors, and offer insights and evaluations that would perhaps be out of place in the (mostly) daily TNPS reports.”

In keeping with the tradition of The New Publishing StandardPublish Africa and Publish MENA, Publish Global will be free of charge and will not carry advertising or affiliate links.

The newsletter is now open to subscribe to, and Issue #1 will go live Friday October 25.

Subscribe here.

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