We don’t know for sure yet how many trips Big Bad Wolf will be making to Thailand this year, but we do know the dates for the Bangkok bonanza.

At a press conference yesterday Big Bad Wolf announced it would be shipping 3 million books – mostly English – to Thailand for an eleven-day 24/7 book-sale bash in Bangkok.
August 9-19 is the date for anyone lucky enough to be in Bangkok next month.
The Big Bad Wolf website hasn’t been updated with the Thailand dates yet, so no Big Bad Wolf poster image for the Bangkok event as this story goes live.
I covered Big Bad Wolf a few days ago, so I’ll keep this item brief. For anyone wanting to see what else Big Bad Wolf is up to, check this post, or search the TNPS archives.

As Big Bad Wolf South Korea winds up, BBW is already live in the Philippines, and will be in Indonesia and Pakistan this month