StreetLib is the publisher behind The New Publishing Standard, and while TNPS is not a StreetLib promotional vehicle and we don’t routinely carry StreetLib news, StreetLib’s global expansion clearly falls within the TNPS global publishing industry news remit.

Moreso on this occasion as the presentation StreetLib CEO Giacomo D’Angelo delivers at the Thessaloniki International Book Fair in Greece this year is a joint StreetLib-TNPS venture aimed at raising the debate about the global digital book market opportunity.
As ever on such occasions, we re-print the StreetLib Press Release in full below without further TNPS commentary.

[PRESS-RELEASE] Giacomo D’Angelo delivers Thessaloniki Int. Book Fair presentation on global digital market opportunities as StreetLib launches publisher portals across 32 countries in East Europe and Central Asia
Thessaloniki (Greece) — May 10th, 2019

From Poland, Romania and the Balkan states in the west to Georgia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan in the east, to Turkey, Greece and Afghanistan in the south, the latest portal roll-out takes StreetLib just two stages from supporting authors and publishers in every country in the world.

StreetLib CEO Giacomo D’Angelo said,

There are 4.3 billion people online around the world, and by definition that means there are 4.3 billion people that could potentially be downloading ebooks, audiobooks and other digital media to their smartphones and devices. Within ten years that figure will be over 7 billion.

The global book markets have been a focus for StreetLib since we began in 2006, a year before the Kindle store launched. But our role as a gateway distributor providing a conduit for digital content into the ebook retail, library and subscription services has always been limited by the realities of the digital distribution infrastructure, which has failed to keep up with the growth of the internet.

With the East Europe and Central Asia launches this week we’ve now enfranchised two thirds of the world, and we’ll be announcing our penultimate roll-out across the Americas at the New York Book Expo later this month.

Then in June at the IPA Regional Seminar in Kenya we’ll be announcing we have completed the first phase of our global expansion and will have author & publisher portals live for every country on the planet.

As part of our presentation at the Thessaloniki International Book Fair in Greece this week we have a slidedeck that explores the potential of the digital book markets in 2019 and beyond, and with serendipitous timing we were able to include reference to a new study from Planet Market Reports that forecasts a $35 billion valuation for the global ebook market by 2023.


View the slidedeck here.

“Our view is that that figure is on the conservative side, reflecting the current reality that many countries with huge internet populations have been sidelined by the big global ebook retailers. Nigeria for instance, has 111 million people online. Indonesia has 143 million online. Vietnam and Bangladesh have more people online than the UK. But digital books are hard to come by in these countries.

In the Thessaloniki presentation we look at the reality of internet reach in 2019, and we take apart the myths about how people in some parts of the globe supposedly don’t read.

We invite stakeholders from across the publishing industry and around the world to join with us on our mission to make books available to anyone, anywhere on the planet, at any time of day or night.

An impossible dream under the print-only traditional publishing model.

But under the 21st century print-and-digital hybrid model we could see that dream become reality in the next decade”

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