Germany’s Bookwire has launched its new operating system Bookwire OS across its core markets – Germany, UK, Spain and Latin America.

Bookwire CEO Jens Klingelhöfer said,

Bookwire OS offers a solution for all aspects of digital publishing of eBooks, audiobooks and print-on-demand products. In the coming months, we will launch new intelligent features for our publishing clients in four areas: production, distribution, marketing and Bookwire OS is like writing a new story and we will continue to add exciting chapters.

One innovation coming in the near future is WAY – We Audiobook You.
Explained Cristiane Gomes, Bookwire account manager in Brazil,

With this service we will help publishers in the process of converting audiobooks. Today it is very complicated to follow The whole process and many editors end up leaving it behind because they do not know where to start, our job is to bridge the gap between the editor and the studio, help choose the best voices and facilitate the process to our publishing partners.

Beyond that Bookwire OS will offer new tools.

  • Audience Analytics will offers customers an understanding of the data and trends (sales and number of units in streaming).
  • The Production Management tool will cover all the steps of the e-book production process, from the request of the conversion budget to the delivery of the final product. Audiobooks and POD products will be covered in a later phase.

Bookwire OS will also provide publishers with detailed information on user behavior on audiobook streaming platforms.
These, said Klingelhöfer,

Are the solutions that publishers want and need if they want to participate or continue to grow in this market.

Via PublishNews.
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