Italy-based digital books distributor and publishing facilitator StreetLib has partnered Singapore’s STARY to deliver content to its mobile reading apps Dreame and FicFun with strong followings in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, the Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan, Nigeria and South Africa.

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[Press Release] StreetLib partners with Singapore’s STARY mobile reading apps Dreame and FicFun to offer authors and publishers new global reach

Loreto, Italy 29 April 2019.

Italy-based digital books distributor and publishing facilitator StreetLib has announced a new partnership with Singapore-based STARY, giving authors and publishers the opportunity to deliver content to two globally popular reading apps, Dreame and FicFun.

StreetLib CEO Giacomo D’Angelo said:

“As we prepare to start a new decade, there is so much more to books than just print on paper and ebooks on a screen, and there is so much more to the global book market than a handful of western nations.

At StreetLib we are committed to providing authors and publishers the best possible opportunities to connect with booklovers, no matter where in the world they are, and no matter what format they prefer to read in.

So we are delighted to partner with STARY in Singapore to get our authors’ and publishers’ titles into the Dreame and FunFic mobile reading apps where titles can be bought and consumed as whole books or by the chapter.

Sachet reading is hugely popular around the world, allowing readers to pay as they read, chapter by chapter/episode by episode instead of having to find the full cost of a book in one go.

Or for those that prefer, readers can subscribe to a monthly plan to read as much as they like.

For example, while over a third of STARY app readers are in the US, there is also a strong following in the Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan, Nigeria and South Africa, as well as the UK, Australia and Canada.

In fact around half of Dreame and FicFun readers are outside the core western US/UK/CA/AU publishing market, making STARY a perfect fit for StreetLib’s global ambitions.”

STARY’s two apps, Dreame and FicFun between them already have over 300,000 DAUs (Daily Active Users), despite only being launched in August 2018, and it crossed the 1 million registered user mark in its first three months, demonstrating the clear global interest in mobile reading apps like these.

70% of STARY app users are aged 18–35.

Dreame is primarily romance stories, while FicFun is focused on horror and suspense, with a “vigorous” promotional programme starting this month.

STARY is primarily fiction-focussed, but open to non-fiction. For authors and publishers of fiction STARY, through StreetLib, welcomes romance; suspense; thriller; crime & mystery; horror; young adult; chick-lit; fantasy; science-fiction, paranormal; super natural; historical; action and adventure; LGBTQ; erotica etc.

STARY aims to be globally available and while English-language focused right now is looking to expand its language — another great opportunity for StreetLib authors and publishers.

Books uploaded to STARY through StreetLib can be made available worldwide or limited to specific territories, as with all StreetLib content.

Giacomo D’Angelo added:

“The STARY partnership perfectly compliments our 2019 global expansion programme. We already have author and publisher portals live across half the world, with portals for every country in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia.

In May we have two major portal roll-outs lined up, first across east Europe and central Asia, and then across the Americas and the Caribbean, and in June we will be ready to announce we have author and publisher portals for every country in the world.

Meaning any author or publisher anywhere in the world can use StreetLib to deliver content to the STARY apps and to our global distribution network.

The STARY partnership also perfectly compliments our strategy to embrace all reading formats and delivery models to maximise our author and publisher reach and bring the pleasures of reading to as many people around the globe as possible.

About STARY:

STARY is a private equity firm based in Singapore, a holding company for a fiction reading mobile app: Dreame. It strives to build an online platform where information technologies are applied to enable novel lovers to write, read and share great content and provide practical solutions to help business partners and writers achieve content monetization. After preparatory work started in 2016, Dreame was officially launched in August of 2018. It has gained more than 1 million downloads on both the Google Play and App Store as of March 2019. It is featured as the second highest reading App on the Google Play store, ranked by revenue.

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