Self-publishing is alive and well across Latin America, and nowhere more so than in Colombia, where the Bogota International Book Fair (FILBo from its Spanish title Feria del Libro Bogotá) is for the second year running giving self-publishers a chance to,

participate in the Book Forums and other professionalization spaces promoted and organized by FILBo.

PublishNewsES reports the invitation is open until midnight March 15.
FILBo this year runs April 25 through May 6, and the guest of honour country this year is Colombia itself, as the country celebrates its bicentennial.
Last year FILBo attracted crowd of 575,000 and across the country book fair visitors topped 1.5 million. Over 1.1 million books were bought at the Colombian fairs.

1.5 million people attended book fairs in Colombia in 2018, buying 1.1 million books not recorded by the retail sector

For the bicentennial event be prepared to see records broken yet again.
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