Europe’s biggest consumer-facing book fair will be taking place in the El Retiro park in Madrid from May 31 through June 16. Anyone wanting to participate as an exhibitor will need to complete registration by noon on 11 February.

The Dominican Republic will be guest of honour at the 78th Madrid Book Fair.
In 2018 the Madrid Book Fair drew a crowd of 2.4 million and sold books to the value of 9 million euros.
Register here.
Via PublishNewsES.
Meanwhile the Dominican Republic’s own 22nd Santo Domingo International Book & Culture Fair is also open for registration.
The Santo Domingo fair, at which Puerto Rico will be guest of honour, will run from 26 April through 5 May. registration is via the Ministry of Culture’s website.

A reminder too that Spain is guest of honour at the Casablanca International Book Fair which kicks off 7 February and runs until 17 February. Last year the event drew a record crowd of 520,000.