Germany-based Bookwire has reported 65% sales growth and a 25% increase in titles registered for its Spain and Latin America market venture.

The increase in Spanish-language titles was to the tune of 33,000, while for Portuguese-speaking Brazil the number of titles rose 40% to 32,000.
Bookwire also announced its venture into the audiobook arena.
Elena Bazán, manager of Bookwire Mexico, said the Latin American publishers were increasingly understanding the value of digital, something explored here at TNPS yesterday:

Venezuela’s National Book Centre understands the role of digital in building a nation of readers. Other countries should take notice

PublishNewsES reports:

At the Leipzig Book Fair in 2018, Bookwire launched ‘Bookwire Predictive Pricing’, an automatic and evolutionary system that offers publishers price recommendations and marketing strategies based on the analysis of editorial data. The system is supported with more than 25 million sets of distribution and marketing data to which Bookwire has access, through a period of eight years and more than 1,600 international publishing clients.
For this year, in which the company will celebrate its 10th anniversary, Bookwire plans what it considers to be the greatest innovation it has ever launched: Bookwire OS – One Solution, which consists of an operating system for the digital book industry that brings together all the processes related to distribution, marketing, analysis and automation for its customers.
Bookwire also seeks to increase its international presence in the audiobook segment, and will launch WAY (We Audiobook You) to help publishers to enter easily and successfully in that market.

Via PublishNewsES.