Times change and you have to adapt to them, reports PublishNewsES, and in the tiny Central American republic of El Salvador the libraries have finally began to embrace the internet.
The House of Culture of Metapán, PublishNewsES explains, was,

one of the ten first Houses of Culture that were founded in the country in 1973 and now becomes the first to have a virtual library that aims to promote the habit of reading.

The remodeling of the House of Culture of Metapán and the virtual library are now a reality thanks to the efforts of the Ministry of Culture of El Salvador, the Mayor of Metapán, the Participative Action Committee of Metapán and the Holcim El Salvador company through the Cessa Foundation. The Salvadoran Ministry of Culture has committed to assign a person to attend the virtual library and take charge of the cost of the Internet service of the House of Culture.

Via BetaNewsES
With a population of 6.4 million El Salvador is only at 58% internet penetration, with 3.7 million people online, but the efforts to digitise the El Salvador library system should be well rewarded.