Storytel is no stranger to partnering with telcos to deliver audiobooks to wider audiences.

Way back in 2016 Storytel partnered with Denmark’s Telia, for example.
And almost a year ago to the day Storytel partnered with T-Mobile Poland.

Sweden’s Storytel partners with Poland’s T-Mobile to deliver audiobooks

Now comes news Storytel Turkey has partnered with Vodafone Turkey.

The Turkish deal means Vodafone customers can sign up to a thirty day free trial to sample Storytel Turkey’s audiobooks and ebooks before paying a monthly subscription of TRY 24.99 (less than $7) to access 500 audiobooks in Turkish plus 45,000 English-language titles and an unknown number of ebooks.
Annoyingly Google Translate has been in temperamental mood today and the accompanying statements from Vodafone Turkey’s Executive Vice President Engin Aksoy and Storytel Country Manager Berke İmamoğlu were not clear enough to quote.
Storytel launched in Turkey in May 2018 as the company’s twelfth market –

Storytel now live in Turkey. Italy launch imminent and Bulgaria launch soon

and has since launched in Italy, Mexico and Bulgaria, with launches imminent in Brazil and Singapore.
We can be certain of seeing further telco partnerships in the future.