Given the company’s name, Publiseer, from the Afrikaans word for “publish”, there was a logical inevitability that Publiseer would at some stage launch in South Africa.
It just happened.

South Africa joins Ghana and Kenya and home country Nigeria as Publiseer, the music and ebooks aggregator, continues on its mission to be a pan-African distributor.
In a statement the Nwaogu twins, Chidi and Chika, who co-founded and launched Publiseer last year, explained,

When naming the platform, we brainstormed and played around with a couple of words. Many words from different languages, but the name Publiseer really stood out. It stood out in many ways. One, it was just a letter different from the word Publisher and it also means publish in Afrikaans, a language spoken in South Africa and Namibia. Finally expanding into the South African market is a dream come true.

To be clear, the launch is virtual, not physical, but as we prepare to enter the third decade of the twenty-first century one might ask why a digital operation like Publiseer would need a physical base at all.
Publiseer’s client base and revenue is still very small by western First World standards, but from little acorns…
Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa may not sound likely candidates for digital music and ebooks, but in fact there are more people online in Africa than in the US, and these four countries alone collectively field an internet-active population of over 180 million.
Nigeria has just shy of 100 million people online, making it the 8th largest country on the planet by internet users, while the other three are not to be sneezed at. Ghana comes in with 10 million – as big a market as Sweden. South Africa has over thirty million people online – almost as many as Canada. While Kenya, with 43 million, has twice the online population of Australia.
It gets more exciting still when looking at internet penetration.
Kenya, at 85%, hasn’t much room for expansion, but Ghana is at just 34% penetration and South Africa at 53% penetration.
While Nigeria, already nearing 100 million online, is at just 50% penetration. You don’t need a degree in advanced mathematics to see the potential there.
Publiseer has already seen it.