Storytel’s Mexico launch today comes with a surprise bonus. Full Latin America reach.

When TNPS broke the news in the Anglophone industry media that Storytel was looking at the Latin America markets I noted Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico were frontrunners for Storytel’s LatAm expansion.

Storytel’s Latin American ambitions. Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia for 2019?

Today Storytel’s Head of Expansion, Stefan Tegenfalk, issued a press release confirming the Storytel Mexico site was now live.

Mexico with its 130 million has a strong tradition of storytelling, as well as a high rate of subscription-based penetration in film and music services. Our analysis indicates favorable conditions for streaming audio books, and we plan to lead the market in the region.

The region? The press release adds that the content will consist of Global and Spanish titles (2,400 to start with) and notes,

Storytel’s service will primarily be advertised in Mexico, but will be available throughout all of Latin America.

Storytel’s blunt statement that,

we plan to lead the market in the region

can be seen as a direct challenge to Amazon, which appears to have given up on its global ebook and audiobook expansion.
While Amazon has long been operational in Mexico and Audible’s audiobooks are in theory available in Latin America if rights allow, there is no dedicated Audible service anywhere in Latin America, giving Storytel a significant advantage.
The Mexico kick-off comes as Storytel confirms it has a Brazil launch planned for spring 2019 (and also Singapore).

Storytel confirms Brazil launch for 2019 as Mexico launch nears