The global publishing market has never been more exciting, and every day myriad publishing stories cross my screen that I’d love to develop here at TNPS, but there simply isn’t time.

They do make the TNPS twitter feed. Follow TNPS on twitter here: @thenewpubstd.
But twitter is an ephemeral beast. Blink and you miss it.
Still, if you’re reading TNPS in the first place you probably share my obsession with all things international publishing, and won’t want to miss these stories.
So here, as a reminder that, while we all tend to focus on the easy access markets close to home, the global publishing industry getting along just fine without us, is today’s collation of some of the best recent publishing stories around the web.
And yes, as always, there’s slightly more than ten.

Pakistan – Pakistan’s unexpectedly rich English literary evolution.
Vietnam / France – Vietnamese publisher bestowed French knighthood.
Malaysia – Malaysia’s Anwar (PKR) says books should not be banned in Malaysia. Unless he disapprove of them, that is.
Turkey – Turkish agency seeks support from international publishers during economic crisis.
Myanmar – A cradle of English fictions in downtown Yangon.
India – A conversation on science fiction and fantasy between the two Indian nominees for the Hugo Awards.
Nigeria – “I am the representation I’ve always wanted,” Akwaeke Emezi speaks on legacy, transparency and her new book deal.
Nigeria – Nigerian Writers, Publishers Collaborate With Global Storymakers.
India – Legendary Appeal.
India – The Tamil written word and its mass appeal
China – Interview: Beijing Book Fair Director Liying Lin on China’s Book Market.
Egypt – Ahmed al-Mahdi: On Writing Young-adult Literature in Egypt.