Big Bad Wolf makes its debut in Taiwan in a few days time, and it’s taking 2 million new English-language books to kick off the event at the New Taipei Exhibition Hall, starting August 17.

The Taiwan Big Bad Wolf sales runs through to August 27, so the usual eleven day event, and of course it will be one non-stop sale, 24/7 for the duration.

The Taiwan event overlaps the Big Bad Wolf Bangkok event in Thailand, which began August 10 and runs through ’til August 20, with 3 million English-language books laid out for eager buyers.

Big Bad Wolf Bangkok brings 3 million English language books to Thailand this month. Now selling 15 million books a year to 3 million visitors

Last month Big Bad Wolf took one million books to its second Philippines event of the year (2 million books at the first). Before that 5 million books went to Indonesia and 1.5 million to Sri Lanka.
Big Bad Wolf is now transporting more than 15 million English-language books around the world, to Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, the Philippines and Taiwan, with debuts planned later this year for places as improbable as South Korea, Dubai, Bangladesh and Iran.
A reminder that English is the lingua franca of the world and publishers are sitting on a goldmine of unexploited content that could be reaching markets like these with no need for translations or content revision, if publishers could only throw off the chains of anachronistic territorial restrictions and price policies developed in a pre-digital era.