It would be impossible to try cover even a fraction of the publishing news that lands on my e-desk each day, but there’s so much happening in our industry that passes unnoticed.

So here’s a selection of some of today’s best publishing stories. Apologies if some are behind pay-walls.

Amazon Launches Kids’ (Hardcover) Subscription Service.
Bloomsbury acquires independent I B Tauris.
‘AutoreInvisibile’ up for discussion at Turin International Book Fair (10-13 May 2018).
At the Abu Dhabi Book Fair: An Industry Ready for Editorial Rigor and Literary Agents.
Bloomsbury Education launches Early Years subscription website.  
HBG Makes Strides in Hitting Environmental Goals.
Drawing subscribers to your book-related newsletter: 7 insider tips.
‘Significant’ piracy problem explored at New York’s BISG.
BISG’s Annual Meeting: Making 2018 Our ‘Metadata Year’.
Barnes & Noble Adds a 30-Day Sales Graph, Scheduled Price Changes.
Government announces further tax for Kiwis buying low-value goods online.
Librarian wins £10k Cheltenham Literature Festival First Novel competition.
Kobo and Serial Box to release royal wedding-inspired series.
Switzerland Names Illustrators for its 2019 Bologna Guest of Honor Program.
Peppa Pig, subversive symbol of the counterculture, in China video site ban.
Returned HK bookseller plans to open new Taiwan bookshop.
Amazon Kindle Android App Gains Audible Sort, Book Returns.