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Unless you’ve been riding camels in the Gobi Desert in Outer Mongolia, snorkeling in the warm seas around Trinidad & Tobago, on safari in Botswana’s Kalahari, or relaxing on the Caspian Sea beaches of Azerbaijan, you cannot help but have noticed it was World Book Day this week.

In fact, even if you were in Mongolia, Trinidad & Tobago, Botswana or Azerbaijan you won’t have escaped World Book Day.
Come to that, you won’t have escaped it in Rwanda, or Taiwan, Kurdistan or Bangladesh, Malaysia or Costa Rica, Iran or…
Yeah, it’s called World Book Day for a reason.
Here at TNPS I’ve offered a few snapshots through the week as to how the world’s nations have been marking the event.

World Book Day snapshot:  India and Nigeria

World Book Day snapshot: Borneo and Ghana

It would be impossible to cover them all, or even most. But as the week of World Book Day fades away here’s a list of 20 more World Book Day stories from around the globe, as a reminder that books are a universal currency.

Kurdistan (Iraq) – Read a book: Zaytun library marks World Book Day in Erbil park.
Taiwan to celebrate World Book Day with two-month-long events.
Botswana – Gaborone Celebrates World Book Day.
Costa Rica – April 23 is World Book Day. Learn about 5 Costa Rican authors.
World – For the love of books: Mobile libraries around the world.
Trinidad & Tobago – Embassies host World Book day activities.
Bangladesh – Boibondhu launches book-reading facility for passengers riding on Dhaka buses.
Azerbaijan – Gifts to children from Nar on occasion of World Book Day.
India – World Book Day: Indian actors on their favourite books.
UK – Snow – then a heatwave – on World Book Day.
Rwanda – Rwanda marks World Book Day.
Pakistan – World Book Day Marked At E-Library.
Malaysia – MPH Bookstores launches World Book Day.
Spain – Mojácar treasure hunt on World Book Day.
Afghanistan – Students greet World Book Day in Afghanistan.
South Africa – Whose story is it? When you read to your children, you invest in their future.
Mongolia – World Book Day celebrated across Mongolia.
India – Chennai’s ‘old Connemara library’ opens doors on World Book Day.
Ghana – World Book Day: Rotary Club Of Accra Joins GEDaid To Donate Books.
Iran – World Book Day Celebrated in Kashan.
Malaysia – Storytellers to read aloud to children for World Book Day.

The global book market is just that: Global.