Kobo’s French ebook and audiobook distribution partner Fnac started offering digital comics via the Orange mobile service last year, and this year it adds audiobooks and ebooks to the telco offering.

At a time when telcos are struggling to differentiate themselves from one another, being able to offer additional consumer content is one way to keep consumers happy and expand revenue streams.
The “Kobo by Fnac” deal with Orange provides access to more than 100,000 audiobooks, including 5,000 titles in French and more than 3 million e-books.

Fnac Darty and Orange began the partnership last year, offering comics from “Izneo by Fnac” free of charge, but that introductory offer closed this week.
The new audiobook and ebook deal goes live on May 17 and will last until January 31 next year. What happens after that date is not yet clear.
Kobo by Fnac will be offering both subscription (x-units per month) or stand-alone purchasing via the Orange app.
Given the French book market this is an intriguing, but not too exciting deal.
However, I am excited by the possibilities as Kobo looks to expand this model in other countries. That could be a game-changer.