This is breaking news from Colombo, and I’ll come back with more retails as they emerge.
What we know so far is the the first Big Bad Wolf book sale in Colombo last October was a huge success, and this year the event is being brought forward to June.

Last year 1.5 million books were made available –

The World’s Biggest Book Sale. And no, Amazon has nothing to do with it

and this year we can safely expect at least the same, probably more.
This image is from the October BBW event in Sri Lanka.

Big Bad Wolf Colombo, Sri Lanka 2017. Image via Sri Lanka’s Daily Mirror.

And yes, those are readers pushing around shopping carts in a bookstore.
The June event in Colombo is the third confirmed Big Bad Wolf event for 2018. The Indonesia Big Bad Wolf sale (5.5 million books) is happening right now –

4.5 million English-language books are pulling in 750,000 booklovers in… Indonesia

and the Philippines Big Bad Wolf sale has not long finished.

The Philippines will host one of the world’s biggest book sales in February. Big Bad Wolf is coming to Manila!

This year Big Bad Wolf is set to be held in ten countries.

World’s biggest book sale heading to Bangladesh, Dubai, Korea and Taiwan this year

Stay tuned to TNPS for more news on the Big Bad Wolf phenomenon as more information emerges, as we continue our mission to track the Global New Renaissance as it happens, day by day.