Denmark’s largest online bookstore Saxo this week launches its new Saxo Premium club, offering deep discounts on print books alongside unlimited access to over 30,000 ebooks and audiobooks.

As a Premium member, you can listen freely to audiobooks when you are doing everyday tasks, read e-books on your travels without having to pay extra weight and save money if you want a physical book home to the bookshelf or give a book in gift. Premium members get free delivery on print books.

Saxo began life as a bricks & mortar store back in 1961, and in 2000 the founders’ son, Jørgen Balle Olesen, added an internet arm and in due course an ebook arm.
Today Saxo, named after the Danish historian Saxo Grammaticus, is the country’s largest bookstore, with “several million Danish and English titles.”
Saxo also offers Danes the chance to publish their own books.