The 3rd Arabic Book and Culture Days event will take place in Turkey March 2-11 at the Bağlarbaşı Culture Centre in Istanbul.

The Daily Sabah explains,

The 3rd Turkey Arabic Book and Culture Days aims to establish a common heritage and culture of Islamic countries founded on the geography of the Ottoman Empire, to introduce young generations to each other and contribute to their understanding of our common history and civilizations.

The event is organized by the Writers Union of Turkey (TYB) Istanbul Branch and Haşimi Publishing House, under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey.
Some 55 publishing houses, 300 scientists and writers from 22 countries will attend, with key players Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Sudan, Qatar and Kuwait, reflecting the Islamic slant to the event.
Thousands of books in Arabic will be displayed, and according to the Daily Sabah,

The Arabic version of Ozan Bodur’s biography Life and Services of Abdulhamid II, and the period novel Operation 1915 will be handed out for free to the guests as this year is the 100th anniversary of the death of the sultan and his personality will be introduced to the Arab World (and will be) distributed to some of the most important centers of the Arabic world such as Jordan, Beirut, Kuwait, Sudan, Erbil and Cairo.