As reported here at TNPS last week, the world’s biggest book sale, the Big Bad Wolf, debuted in the Philippines, marking the start of a ten country tour.

Shopping at Barnes & Noble was never like this. Bring comfy clothes, a suitcase, a friend and lots of stamina for the world’s biggest book sale

As well as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and now the Philippines, it seems the Big Bad Wolf also has Bangladesh, Dubai, Korea and Taiwan in its sights.leaving just one unidentified country for the 2018 agenda.
UPDATE: it looks like Iran is the final country for 2018.
This will be the first year Big Bad Wolf has stepped outside SE Asia
The news comes in a follow-up report on the on-going Philippines Big Bad Wolf event from Business Inquirer –

Why the Big Bad Wolf can keep the prices of its books cheap

where conversation with Big Bad Wolf co-founder Andrew Yap revealed that the Big Bad Wolf events have together sold a total of more than 30 million books.
Just a short post on this today, but I’ll be back to consider the wider implications in a near-future post, looking at what this means for the global markets as these avalanches of cheap reading, mostly in English, stimulate demand for books in countries Amazon has no interest in.
And no less importantly what it means for the remaindered books market in the countries these books are being sourced from.