Each Sunday Arab Literature (in English) runs a submissions opportunity for Arabic-language authors, and this one particularly caught my eye because it is for Arabic-language authors living in Canada.

For historical reasons Canada has more than its fair share of Arab authors, and this opportunity comes just as Arabic literature in its homelands of North Africa and the Middle East is experiencing a renaissance.
As reported here yesterday at TNPS, Egypt’s Cairo International Book fair is experiencing phenomenal visitor numbers this year as social media and the proliferation of smartphones across the region drives awareness of literature.

Cairo International  Book Fair – 2.5 million visitors and only half-way through?

The anthology is being prepared by members of Traduire l’Arabe à Montréal (Translating Arabic in Montreal), known as TAAM-TAIM, and will be translated into English and French, with several publishers willing to take a look at the finished product, although of course no guarantees of publication.

The group accepts works of any lengths – short stories, poems, excerpts from novels, essays, children and teens literature, graphic novels.

The deadline for submissions in February 28. See the Arabic Literature (in English) site for more details.
Formed in March 2017 TAAM-TAIM held its first Translating Arabic in Montreal conference in December in collaboration with Figura and the Department of French Studies at Concordia University.


TAAM-TAIM’s mission is to promote the diversity of Arabic authors working in Montreal and elsewhere in Canada, by creating a network for Arabic writers and translators to meet, exchange ideas, and collaborate. The work of Arabic writers is not always accessible to English- and French-speaking readers, so we aim to provide a platform for these voices and experiences which form an integral part of the literary landscape in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada.

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