Living in one of Donald Trump’s “shithole countries” as I do, the US president’s racist remarks stung a little more if I had been back in my old homeland in the UK.

I’ve seen no indication Trump reads anything other than business reports, so probably he is totally unaware of Africa’s rich literary heritage and vibrant literature scene.
This year I’ll be exploring said literary scene in all its glory. Be prepared for some surprises.
But today just a short post to say thank you to the New York indie store Rough Draft Bar & Books, which Business Insider reports has displayed

a collection of several books written by authors from parts of the world that Trump reportedly described as “shithole countries.” There’s a sign in the middle of the display that reads: “WRITERS FROM S##THOLE COUNTRIES.”

Thank you, Anthony Stromoski.
Would’t it be great of other bookstores, including the big chains, did the same thing?