Literally as I write this post on the evening of Wednesday 15 November 2017 the Anthony Frost English Bookshop has just re-opened, according to the store’s Facebook page, after a ten month hiatus.
The Anthony Frost English Bookshop, as the name suggests, is an English-language bookstore. In the Romanian capital, Bucharest.

Romania’s English-language book shop. Image: Romania Insider

The bookstore closed in February after nine years, but is back by popular demand, and with sweet irony the new location for the bookstore is on the spot where the very first Carturesti bookstore launched seventeen years ago. Carturesti is now Romania’s biggest bookstore chain with eighteen stores and, seeing Anthony Frost as no rival to its Romanian sales, offered the spot to the closed English-language bookstore so it could re-open.
Romania Insider reports there are also bookshops in Romania dedicated to French (Kyralina), Italian (Pavesiana) and German (Lebbuchenhaus) books.