OverDrive’s latest Big Library Read is underway (Oct 12-26), with Chelsea Sedoti’s The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett accessible to readers in over 21,000 global OverDrive libraries and schools, as an audiobook or an ebook.
Touted as the world’s largest digital book club, readers and listeners all reading the same book can share their thoughts on the discussion board, connect with the author, or listen to a bespoke Professional Book Nerds podcast.

OverDrive's Big Library Read

OverDrive’s Big Library Read

In 2016 OverDrive saw just shy of 200 million digital downloads around the world, with 49 libraries seeing over a million downloads each.
This year OverDrive is on target to surpass that number, with at least 60 one-million-download  libraries. By end June some 15 OverDrive libraries had already seen a million downloads each.