Draft2Digital, the US-based ebook distributor, continues to adapt to the challenging self-publishing market in the USA by offering incentives to keep indie authors from going exclusive with Amazon’s KDP Select and to keep authors from heading for rival distributors like Smashwords, PublishDrive, Bookbaby, StreetLib and Pronoun.
Some of the incentives have been impressive – territorial pricing, new outlets, fancy new ebook formatting, to mention but a few.
The latest ploy is to offer an unusual cash incentive to authors who refer a friend. Ten per cent of Draft2Digital’s percentage of the royalties earned by the referred author for the following twelve months!
I’m not convinced that’s quite as exciting as it sounds. Draft2Digital collects 10% of the net paid out by the retailers, so the referring author will get 10% of D2D’s 10%. Given Draft2Digital does not distribute to ky players like Amazon and Google Play, making that 10% of 10%  worthwhile may be challenging. But on the other hand Draft2Digital also distributes to Apple and Nook, so this might work out well for some.